Tutors in Delhi - Mission

(Team of Volunteer Tutors and Education Promoters and not a Traditional Bureau)

Our mission is to promote 0% commission on student tutor engagement by eliminating all the external entities and automate direct communication among student(s) and tutor(s).

We are not a traditional bureau, but an open tutor directory with an aim to build a transparent and active tutor network to share and promote each other who believe in building a strong community as well as personal branding and traditional/digital presence for both individual and education/tutor community.

Open Tutor Directory (Digital Presence)

By Open Tutor Directory, we mean that anyone can access TID Tutors search page without any registration or login and can easily connect with any available tutor directly simply why WhatsApp, Tutor Individual Website, Google Maps, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn after validating his or her mobile number with an one time password.

So, Tutors in Delhi have a simple mantra i.e. "Tutor First".

tutorsindelhi.co.in is developed in a way that it route students/parents directly towards preferred tutors with a freedom to communicate freely, by freely and directly communication we mean without any third party intervention.

Transparent and Active Tutor Network (Personal Branding)

By Transparent and Active Tutor Network, we mean that every tutor must actively contribute towards building a strong bond among TID Tutor community, so that we all can know each other better, which will eventually help in eliminating the need of any external entities to convert leads or to connect student with tutors. This can be only done by never missing those leads which are directly communicated by a student or parent to a tutor.

Hence, Tutors in Delhi next mantra is "Direct Engagement".

Students/Parents are the lead source and we tutors are the lead destination, do we really need any middleman to make student tutor engagement? Nahe na, we tutors/students/parents are equipped to manage our engagement with each other. Yes together we can achieve it, by just creating a right ecosystem (an organic ecosystem) which promotes direct engagement without charging any commission or simply by helping students/parents with open tutor directory and leaving no space for any external entity.

Share and Promote each other (Tutors Community and Tutors Networking)

To share and promote each other, we don`t mean to leave everything and start marketing every tutor, but simply increase your traditional and digital presence, by not just communicating that "I am a Math`s tutor" or "Contact me for English classes" or "Call me at 9999999999 for Accounts sessions" but by communicating as "we are pound to be tutors, I personally share by Math`s knowledge and would be happy to assist you with your other academic requirements like to connect with tutors, study material, sample papers, educational articles and poems, physiological test, free consultation, carries talks, counseling and more". If you feel positive, then join the TID Tutor Family and start writing your signature as shown below :-

Ekansh Kapoor

Proud to be Tutor in Delhi / Proud to be part of TID Tutor Community

Computer Home Tutor

So, our highly recommended mantra is "Help and Earn".

We recommend to all the respected TID members to help each other not just by promoting each other but also by converting our miss leads (miss opportunities) into share leads.

Check out Tutors in Delhi - Aim to understand our "Help and Earn" mantra better. Also check out Tutors in Delhi - Mantras, to know and understand Tutors in Delhi better.