Tutors in Delhi - Mantras

(Team of Volunteer Tutors and Education Promoters and not a Traditional Bureau)

1. Help and Earn

Help each other and earn by promoting and imparting tutoring services to students/learners and not by charging any commission. Tutors in Delhi appeal ever TID Tutor to be unite, share study materials, sample papers, even students and never treat each other as a competition but help each other to enhance our education/tutoring community together.

2. Tutor First

We look forward to highlight TID Tutors and don't want to hide them or keep them under any label, but Tutors in Delhi will appreciate active participation towards education/tutoring community. Tutors in Delhi treats every TID Tutor as one and equal,we also commit to promote and brand, both TID Tutors community, along with individual tutor by working towards Tutor(s) Personal Branding, Tutor(s) Digital Presence and Tutor(s) Networking and not just tutorsindelhi.co.in as an education/tutoring portal.

3. Direct Engagement

We believe in sharing tutors contact details directly with students/learners from the TID platform and not of any TID Volunteers to promote 0% commission on student tutor direct engagement. Even if any student/learner approaches any TID Volunteer, he/she route those request towards TID Tutor Family.

4. Never Miss any Lead

Every Tutor is a prime source of lead but generally we miss it due to lack of Tutor network. Tutors in Delhi welcomes all the active tutors/educators to build an organic ecosystem to promote direct student tutor engagement. As a tutor, if you feel insure while referring a tutor directly, Tutors in Delhi recommend TID Tutors to simply help and guide all the students and parents with TID Tutor Directory and ask them to connect with preferred tutors directly but never miss any leads.

5. Share and Promote

We will highly appreciate when every Tutor will help students/parent/learners with TID Tutor Directory, TID/Educators Educational Articles/Blogs, TID/Educators Educational Poems, TID Fly with Cracker Kite (eBooks), TID/Educators Educational Physiological Online Test, TID/Educators Educational Videos, Free Educational Counseling and other educational content which eventually will organically share and promote each other.