Tutors in Delhi - Frequently asked Questions

After completing registration as a tutor, or as student/parent, one can contact directly with student(s) or tutor(s) simply via whatsapp or sms.
TID can be noticed via digital platforms (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Whatsapp, SMS, etc.) and also on traditional platforms (Newspaper, Hoardings, Banners, etc.)
In the beginning, a onetime registration amount need to be paid by tutors and nothing i.e. 0% Commission on Student Tutor Engagement, as TID is an open Tutor Directory of private home Tutors in Delhi and Delhi NCR. (Additional Charges may apply with gradual addition of features).

TID is not a home tuition provider website but an open tutor directory, where parents/students can find tutors from KG to PG (Academic and Non Academic), according to their need and vice versa, at 0% Commission on Engagement, along with that it is a technology driven mediator platform supporting Student Tutor direct Communication.

Digital Presence -> Transparant Search -> Direct Connect

  1. Digital Presence - Easy Registration for Tutors to showcase their services digitally
  2. Transparant Search - Students/Parents can explore our open and transparent Tutor Directory
  3. Direct Connect - Students/Parents can directly connect with any tutor in delhi or in delhi NCR

We are a community of Indian tutors, based in New Delhi, with a mission to enhance education, by filling up the gap between the tutors and students via the following offerings :-

  1. Students-Tutor driven transparent online platform
  2. One on One communication platform without any mediator
  3. 0% Commission on Student Tutor Engagement
  4. Open Tutor Directory where tutors are available from KG to PG (Academic and Non Academic)
  5. Free psychometric test to know your Study Habits, Pattern, Learning Style and Academic Guide
  6. Lifetime digital presence with one time nominal Registration cost

In the beginning, a onetime registration amount need to be paid for the following services:-

  1. Direct Leads from students or parents
  2. 0% Commission on Student Tutor Engagement
  3. Digital listing on tutorsindelhi.co.in
  4. Digital listing on gmaps
  5. Digital Promotion on TID Social handles
  6. Digital pool advertisement on Social Platforms
  7. Individual business site on Google Platform
Offering What other offers What TID offers
Commission Commission of first month 0% Commission on Student Tutor Engagement
Lead Selection Middleman Driven Student Tutor Driven
Registration Annual Registration Onetime Registration
Communication 3 way Communication One to One Communication
Engagement Guarantee Prefer not to comment One can get 0 to 'n' engagements in a day/week/month/year
Credits Advance Payments No Credits System
Lead Limit As per plan purchased No Limitation on number of Leads
Promotion Brand Promotion Both Brand and Tutors(Individually and Pool) Promotion
Individual website No Individual site Complementary Individual Business Site

At the time of registration, you will be required to fill a registration form, which will also help you to get you listed on gmaps as well as to build your individual business site. Required details are as follow:-

  1. Enter your basic/general information (like your name , DOB, Email address, Mobile number,Whatsapp number ,etc.)
  2. Enter your academic information (like your highest qualification , experience)
  3. Enter your preferences (like locality, subjects, and classes)
  4. Enter your social links (like gmaps, business site/website)
  5. Upload your recent photo and documents (i.e., ID and Address proof) for account. (Try to make your profile as impressive as you can to increase your chances of getting engage)
  • Upload self-crossed signed documents (For Tuition only)
  • Clear profile picture
  • ID proof and Address proof should be readable.
  • Update your availability and other required profile details
  • Support us on TID Social handles (facebook,Instagram,Youtube etc,)
  • Request to refer student and tutors to support our initiatives
  • Ask your students to recommend you on tutorsindelhi.co.in
  • Ask your students to write a review for you on your gmaps listing

After completing of your registration, as a tutor, you can see your profile by logging into the platform with your user id and password. Once your profile gets approved, it will be visible on TID tutor search page.

You can also edit/change detail of your profile, after login, through your dedicated dashboard.

TID plays a vital role in bridging the communication gap between students and tutors. It also play a vital role as tutors are not bound to pay any kind of commission for getting tuition(s) and students/parents can easily find relevant teacher of his/her preference. It also helps in increasing the digital presence and promotion of tutors.
At the time of registration, only a lifetime nominal registration fees is charged, apart from that no hidden charges are there, to join TID family.
The fees has to be collected by the Tutor and TID will not be responsible for any dispute between tutor and parent regarding fees.
Yes you can, but we recommend you to change your profile status to "unavailable", which can be update as "available" any time, or if you wish your profile can be temporary barred as well as it can be permanently deleted by contacting TID support team.

There could be several reason for blocking the account. Few of them could be:-

  1. Incomplete documentation
  2. Wrong documents uploaded
  3. Incomplete or wrong information provided
  4. Violation of rules and regulation
  5. Any sort of complaint from other party
No, neither we charge nor we guarantee for providing tuition. The process of getting tuitions totally depends on students and tutors, and not on TID, as TID does not gets involved or act as a third party or a bureau, the student/parents will directly contact the tutor(s), on viewing the profile of available tutors on website according to their need. We recommend tutors to keep your profile impressive and update for better engagement chances.
The numbers cannot be guessed. So you can get 0 to ‘n’ numbers of leads in a day/week/month/year.
We do not charge any commission on student tutor engagement(s) nor we charge any annual charges. Our platform charges only one time nominal registration fee from tutors.
Some teachers just like you are tired of paying commission and other various charges to bureaus or to third party, also involvement of middleman for providing tuitions make the process tedious and still after making all the efforts tutors do not get desired amount of fee and number of leads one deserve on the other hand students may miss out to connect with right support at right time. Our team decided to start a platform which will act as a student-tutor directory so that learner and educators can come together in a transparent manner.
If by chance no tutor is available on our platform as per your requirement, you can write to us, chat in chat box or email, you can contact via phone. We will try to make your requirement desirably fulfilled.
If by chance you are not getting any assignment you can also switch to paid offline/online mode or you can advertise yourself through pool i.e. sharing or even individual digital ads or other means provided by our platform. For details you can write to us at advertisement.tutorsindelhi@gmail.com
Any one registered or not registered on the platform, can easily access our tutor directory. Students/parents or any one who are not registered, can also search the tutors and contact them directly after a quick verification.
If you are not tech friendly or having some sort of trouble while registering yourself, you can contact tutors in delhi customer care and send us a screenshot of error observed so that the team can help you better in providing a resolution. The other option is you can send your details on our email or company’s number so that our backend team can register you on your behalf.

Every one related to education system can access our website. Like both tutor and student will be benefited from this as it is a transparent and direct communication platform. Teachers and students mutually get benefitted.

Check last 4 digits of the ID proof as shared on tutor search profile. You can also ask for a copy of valid ID proof on whatsapp and verify them with original.

Tutor in Delhi

H.O. :- J-8/134, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110027

B.O. : 10, Ramesh Nagar, New Delhi

Contact Number :- +91-9811-117788

TID team consist of tutors and councillors who themselves have faced this hindrance of commission charges while seeking tuition so they made a platform to benefit teachers and free them from this boundation of paying commission. In support of them we have our IT team, marketing team and customers services.
TID team is in service of tutors-student since 2016 but the action and revolution in the field of tuition has just started and much more in the package is yet to come.
The main feature which makes TID attractive and different from other is that we are a No Middleman and No Commission platform as well as we offer digital appearance and promotion of tutor in delhi and delhi NCR.
The registered person can edit his/her profile by logging into the account and going on the dashboard on left side of his/her profile.
The exact terms are not that we were not charging anything, the inaugural offer was going on until specific period of time, so there was no charges. As the offers ends on 31-Jan-2020, the tutors has to pay onetime for lifetime registration and no commission on engagement.
By digital appearance we mean that we are providing number of means to promote you, such as by creating your one pager business site, listing you on tutors in delhi website and on Google Maps, also showcasing you on our Social handles, where all the members of TID are equally promoted.
No other means are there Email address is compulsory to get registered. If you want we can create one for you.

FOR TUTORS :- If some students/parent/guardian misbehaves, you can raise a complaint with TID at complaint.tutorsindelhi@gmail.com . After that the complaint cell will take action accordingly.

FOR STUDENTS :- If you have any concerns with the tutor you can raise a complaint with TID at complaint.tutorsindelhi@gmail.com . After that the complaint cell will take action accordingly.