Tutors in Delhi - Aim

(Team of Volunteer Tutors and Education Promoters and not a Traditional Bureau)

Our aim is to convert miss leads (miss opportunities) into share leads (forward leads) or if possible to convert leads by empower tutors with all that a middleman have like tutor database, website, social accounts, digital presence, personal and community branding with an aim to unit tutors community by promoting direct student tutor engagement without charging any commission.

Miss Leads

By Miss Leads, we mean that we tutors are generally among first point of contact for almost every student and parent for all educational help. Just recall, how many times our know students, parents, nears and dears have requested us (tutors) to help them with connecting tutors for profile other than of ours, most of us have miss those leads which eventually allow free flow of those miss leads towards middleman which allows them to settle in a traditional ecosystem of commissions and degrade tutor respect also making an education/tutoring as a business/revenue model.

We recommend all the respected TID Tutors to be active and never miss such genuine leads and eliminate them to route towards middleman, as we tutors are the prime source and closest to students, parents i.e. we are closest to leads and not middleman. Then why should we let it go to any external parties.

Share Leads

By Share Leads we mean, to never miss above explained genuine leads, either by referring a tutor directly or by sharing TID Tutor Directory with students or parents and strongly recommend them to explore tutors profile, connect them and to fix a demo directly, instead of reaching to any external party.

It can be simply achieve by willingly following one of the Tutors in Delhi Mantras i.e. "Help and Earn".

Yes!!! You read it right.

Help and Earn

By Help we mean, every tutor must promote each other, share study material and other educational content, most importantly never miss genuine leads by helping student/parents connecting tutor(s) directly either by direct reference or by sharing TID Tutor directory.


By Earn we mean, every tutor must earn by imparting your knowledge with learners and not charging any kind of commission on student tutor engagement.

Along with from "Help and Earn", our other mantras are "Tutor First", "Direct Engagement", "Never Miss any Lead" and "Share and Promote". Check out Tutors in Delhi - Mission and Tutors in Delhi - Mantras to know and understand Tutors in Delhi better.

Our team also aims to achieve a day where TID platforms become a whole sole platform for every student/parent to fulfill any kind of their tutoring need with a mantra of "Tutor First", and in long run with almost all the educational support.