My Way to Understand, Learn and Recall things

This psychological test is design to observe your preference, to Understand, Learn and Recall any task i.e your URL style, based on below mention 20 scenarios. To get accurate result we request you to be honest(be real you) by selecting option, that best describe you. You can also add more scenarios of your wish and analyse them to know yourself better.

Q1. Which teaching method of the teachers seems comfortable to you and helps you comprehend the concepts in a better manner?
If the teacher presents an explanatory lecture and you listen to it
When the teacher dictates aloud making you to write it down
When the teacher asks to read the lessons in the class loudly
When the teacher provides you the opportunity to come forward and speak on a topic already covered in the class
When the teacher demonstrates a concept through various activity
When your teachers involves you to demonstrates a concept already covered in the class
Q2. Imagine, it`s your friend`s birthday but you don`t know the route to reach the venue, what would you do?
Call your friend and ask him/her to share the route on the call
Would take the help of your parents/friends and note it down before leaving the house
Ask friend to message the directions/landmarks/route
Would take the help of your parents and speak few times to memories the directions
Try using navigation/GPS to reach the venue
Would reach the nearby place and try to find the venue taking help from people living in the vicinity
Q3. Which activity would you love to perform in your free time?
Listening to music
Writing your diary, summarizing your day through notes, writing online blogs, poetry, etc.
Reading books
Making long calls to your relatives or your friends
Visiting and exploring new places
Playing games and sports
Q4. Imagine you have been selected as the captain of your school`s cricket team, how would you choose your team members?
Would go to coach and request him to share every player`s feedback
Pen down the names of all the players and select them
Choose the players by reading their past records and abilities from your school sports magazine
Selecting the players after discussing their role in the team and taking their willingness about the choice of role they would like to perform
Plan trials to select the team
Choose the player by playing a match with them
Q5. Imagine your mother asks you to select an attire(dress) for your younger brother, how will you select it?
Based upon the advice of the sales person, as you do not have much knowledge about buying new clothes
Creating a list of common and popular attires and then select one from the list
Selecting the attire with popular brand names or quotation printed on it
Calling your parents/elder siblings to advise you to select the most suitable attire, after you arrive at the shop
Would request any other customer in the shop to try the attire
Would try to imagine yourself or your brother in that dress
Q6. What would be the first thing be that you would do, after watching an inspiring movie?
Keen to hear the reviews of other people
Write a review, expressing your views about the movie on social media
Read about movie`s performance and other facts like its shooting locales, reviews, etc.
Sing its songs, repeat its dialogues and tell your friends, family members, relatives, etc. to watch or not to watch the movie
Would try to once again watch the movie
Perform its dance steps, act out its scenes or imitate the characters
Q7. Imagine you and your friends have planned to visit Goa, how would you plan your trip?
Call any relative who has recently visited Goa and take suggestions to plan your itinerary
Make a list of the places you wish to visit in Goa, based upon the popular places given on internet
Read travel blogs and vlogs of popular blogger and vloggers
Asking questions and sharing your preferences and expectations with your friend
Exploring images available on the internet
Would decide on the spot once you reach Goa, and taking suggestions from local guides
Q8. What would attract you the most on a walk on the street, on a cold windy day?
Observing people conversing with each other
Exploring the diverse things you come across and saving the details of any interesting observation
Reading the posters/banners/advertisements on the street
Calling your friend and sharing the details of whatever you observed
Enjoying the diverse scenes on the street, such as kids playing, building designs and architecture, lights, people`s dresses, gadgets, etc.
Requesting a group of children playing to allow you also to participate in the game
Q9. How would you describe the first day of your dance class to your mother?
You would tell that you heard your instructor very carefully
You would tell that you jotted down the new steps learnt
You read all the information on academy notice board
You would tell that you raised your queries, asked for help, as it was your first day
You would tell that you were impressed after seeing the instructor dancing
You would tell that you practiced and enjoyed dancing with other learners
Q10. What pleases you most about a visit to a religious place?
The people chanting the prayers
Written religious shrine
Reading the historical facts
Conversing with the authorities of the religious shrine/priest or with the other regular worshippers to understand the religious processes
Observing the people praying
Performing the religious practices or simply praying
Q11. How do you spend most of your school time?
Listening to the teacher
Writing the notes dictated by the teacher
Reading your notes, textbooks, etc.
Discussing your thoughts, observations with your classmates
Stare at the books, teacher, students, outside the window, etc.
Try to relate the concepts taught in the class with real-life situations
Q12. What impresses you the most about your favourites cartoon/animated character? How do you follow him/her in your life?
The character`s voice - so you try to imitate his/her voice
The character`s qualities - so you pen down his/her qualities and try to follow them
Observe the character`s popularity - so you try to read about the character`s creation history and progress
The character`s dialogues - so you start speaking the character`s dialogues
The character`s costume/attire - so you try to create a dress similar to it
The character`s actions - so you start imitating his/her actions
Q13. How would you prefer to spend your time with your friends?
Listening to the events happening in their life
Taking their help or helping them in doing the school written assignments or other related tasks
Reading books/articles/novels/review together
Speaking and telling them about every detail about yourself, making it a one-way conversation
Understanding your friend`s mood by observing his/her expressions, body language, etc.
Exploring new things like preparing school projects, going out to explore new places, etc.
Q14. If you are aware/well-versed about a topic, how do you prefer to share it?
Listening to other`s views on it
Sharing email, chatting or texting about it
Reading more about the topic
Taking the lead and acting as a speaker
Making eye contact and observing the body language of the listener
Demonstrating information about the topic using your hands or some props
Q15. If given an option to join an extra-curricular activity in school, which activity would you prefer?
Listening Activities to improve your hearing and concentration power
Writing classes to improve your handwriting, increase writing speed, etc.
School library group where you can read lots of book of your interest
English conversation classes so that you improve your speaking skills
Art & Craft classes to enhance your creative skills
Personality Development classes to enhance your personality
Q16. Which gadget would you love to have?
A bluetooth speaker with inbuilt songs, stories, etc.
A digital writing board
A Kindle eBook
An Amazon Alexa
A big LED Screen or a Projector
A play station
Q17. How would you like to decorate your room with?
A windchime
Your hand made posters of quotes, poetry, paintings, sketches, etc.
Posters of motivational quotes or interesting facts and figures
An echo device
Posters of your idol or your favourite sport star, film star etc.
Your rewards/achievements such as trophies/medals, collages of certificates or collage of your memories, etc.
Q18. According to you, how should people recognize you?
As an efficient listener
As a prolific writer
As a bookworm or a bibliophile
As a prolific speaker/orator
As a dreamer/visionary
As a scientist/creator
Q19. Which method of assessment do you find the most comfortable?
Audio examination - viva or oral test
Written examination - written test
Reading examination - open book test
Project Presentations
Visual examination- match the following, labeling or drawing diagrams
Practical - executing programs, lab experiments
Q20. Which would be the happiest moment on your birthday?
Your mother singing the birthday song for you and narrating your childhood anecdotes
Your brother/sister making a birthday card for you, with space to describe your special day
Reading messages from your relatives/friends who might be far, recalling the nostalgic moments spent with you
Your emotional thank you speech for your family for making your day special
Your father wishing you through a video including photographs from your childhood
Friend`s surprise visit with a cake at your home