Why should I Study

That’s the one question every student of every generation has raised, so do I.

As others, I have always wonder what could be the right answer or at least a satisfactory answer to it. Hence, I approach my parents, friends, mentors and also research on internet, and observed a common answer “Study will make my life”, remember famous lines “Padhega India, tabhi to badhega India”, “padega likhega to banega nawab”, I am sure that you all will get same response but it is so.

However, luckily one of my mentor sound differently by asking me to “define Study”. I paused and replied, “I guess it’s a process of learning”, he said great and our conversation begin

My Mentor: process of learning... only learning

My Reply: Hmm! it also involves understanding of concepts

My Mentor: Therefore, can we say that, while studying, we understand and learn different thing

My Reply: Ya, I mean yes

My Mentor: good… so what all task we generally perform to understand and learn

My Reply: we read books… we write answers… we speak answers…

My Mentor: do we also listen to educators... see images/videos ... perform lab exercises…

My Reply: yes we do

My Mentor: we read, write, speak, listen, see and perform while studying, it help us to

My Reply: to understand… to learn… and to remember…

My Mentor: perfect… why do we need to remember?

My Reply: to write correct answers and score more in exams

My Mentor: okay, correct answers… score more… can we say to perform better

My Reply: okay, ya

My Mentor: so can we conclude by saying that “Study is a process of reading, writing, speaking, listening, seeing and performing to understand, learn and recall(remember) so that we can implement things(answers) in an optimal or better manner”

My Reply: yes

My Mentor: Does dancing involved same action plan, can you think of more such task

My Reply: to dance… yes we need to understand music, learn steps and remember to perform better, other task like to play a game, to drive a car, to sing a song, to travel, OMG all the task

My Mentor: Yes! All the task we do involves study involves understanding, learning and recall…

My Reply: to perform better

He asked me to list at least 10 reasons how study has benefit me and ask to observe its common outcome that will be answer to the question

Therefore, I decided to research more, this time I started connecting things, by first understand what exactly study is for me and how it’s going to help me. Guess what, I was able to write down more than 50+ reasons why should I Study

  1. To find Real Me
  2. To express myself
  3. To upscale my imaginary (visualization) power
  4. To find optimum solutions to all my task
  5. To become mature and avoid people taking advantage of me
  6. To grow, develop and upscale myself
  7. To live better life
  8. To increase my knowledge
  9. To find my career path
  10. To uncover my hidden talent
  11. To explore my real strength and weaknesses
  12. To enhance my skill
  13. To know what is right and what is not right for me, my family, friends, and society
  14. To build better and long relationship
  15. To understand myself, others and the entire world better
  16. To live life king size, nope, my size
  17. To recognize my mistakes, failures, obstacles
  18. To earn my memories and moments
  19. To be best of best of me
  20. To gain self confidence
  21. To communicate better
  22. To understand and perform rituals
  23. To enjoy my life at fullest
  24. To life happily
  25. To predict things better
  26. To prepare for tough time
  27. To win over real life exams and not just my school exams, my friends challenges, etc.
  28. To love nature
  29. To enjoy playing games and all other task
  30. To know my hobbies and my interest
  31. To know my habits
  32. To know my likes and dislike
  33. To upscale my decision making
  34. To use information for my best
  35. To bless myself with design thinking power
  36. To recognize opportunities
  37. To spread humanity
  38. To become responsible and caring
  39. To react sensibly
  40. To get connected with things going around me, in the world
  41. To analyses things, objects, person, situations, etc.
  42. To find my own way to doing things
  43. To discover my innovations and become more creative
  44. To pursue my dreams
  45. To be focused and clear in my life
  46. To control by anger and other distractions in my life
  47. To set priorities in my life
  48. To save lots of time
  49. To maintain right balance in my life
  50. To have a wider options in my life
  51. To reward myself
  52. To recognize various aspects and perceptions
  53. To appreciate facts and talents
  54. To respect other and myself
  55. To accept my reality i.e. to accept Real Me

OMG!............. and the list goes on………. still wondering or have a doubt………. it`s simply:

“To love myself by creating room for real me in my life and not just too get great numbers against my name”

Now, just try to pen down reasons for “why should I not study” and feel the difference.