Know Yourself Better by finding “Real Me”

Have ever students/kids ask you why we study, how this going to help us, is this topic of any use, what subject to study, which profession to opted, and many more, what answers have you shared, what answers parents/educators/we shared, recall our answers were they up to the mark as it makes the difference.

I am sure you as an educator have always thought of how students take these talk when they are interested to know where and how to implement these knowledge or how you are being using these knowledge practical in your life other than sharing your knowledge.

These globally accepted tried and tested fun-loving activities can help one to uncover his/her hidden insights to identify his/her best ability to live his/her dream run and answer all questions which may make a difference by finding “Real Me”.

  1. My Ideal Me (Who am I)
  2. My Best of Best (Qualities I cannot live without)
  3. My Interest (Like/Dislikes)
  4. My Strength (Skills, Knowledge, Talent)
  5. My Learning Style (Reading/Writing/Listing/Seeing/Speaking/Doing)
  6. My Studying Habits (Study as my best)
  7. My Self Confidence (Low Confidence/Confidence/Over Confidence)
  8. My Memories (Failures/Achievements)
  9. My Mistakes/Obstacles (Learning from past)
  10. My Career (Decision Making)
  11. My Best Life (Facts about Life)

We do not say these activities will do wonders or make magic like increase your marks, transform your life, etc. but certainly going to help identify best in you if done from both your heart and best use of your mind i.e. a balance of keeping emotions and being practical.

Note: These are already implemented activities, design, and develop by many anonymous experts and not originated by my team and me but we have added our flavor and cover all the above listed task with many learn and fun classroom and outdoor activities as per our experience and observations for betterment of education society.